On-Demand Financial Advice: CFP® Concierge

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What to Expect:

Get the financial answers and advice you need without the commitment of a thorough financial planning review. Talk to our network of independent Certified Financial Planners – who don’t sell financial products or receive commissions – to get actionable advice on how to handle your next big step in life.

Address topics such as: What's the best way to save for my child's education? How should I start combining finances with my spouse? What do I need to consider for my finances if I'm switching jobs?

Your 30 minute session will be conducted virtually.

How It Works

Submit your question and answer a few basic questions

Provide some simple information to the financial advisor

Schedule your call and get the answers you need.

Getting Ready

Have any financial documents you want to discuss available and be prepared to screen share if needed such as brokerage statements, 401K summary, and loan documents.

Payment will be made directly to the Financial Advisor once your call has been scheduled and confirmed.

Please keep in mind that this service is aimed at offering you high level action steps to take based on the advisors understanding of the issues during the meeting and any information disclosed.

Financial guidance provided during these sessions is not comprehensive and is limited to what you disclose during the meeting.

Our Advisors are Different

We believe everyone deserves an advisor who puts them first. Here's how MFC stacks up.

MFC’s Network of Advisors

Bank and Brokerage Advisors


Primary duty to client

Working for a company

Primary duty to employer


Compensated by flat fee or hourly rate for services, pricing is upfront

Fee and commission-based

Compensated by selling products like mutual funds, stocks, and insurance for their employer

Fiduciary Standard

Legally required to make recommendations exclusively in the best interest of the client

Suitability standard

Allowed to prioritize recommendations that benefit the advisor, as long as it is suitable for the client

Certified Financial Planner® (CFP)

CFPs make up only 20% of advisors which requires high standards of education, training, and ethics

Not required to be CFPs

80% of advisors are not CFPs, with varying credentials and experience


Must have a clean history, with no disclosures at the SEC, FINRA, and CFP Board

Screening varies

Prior disclosures and disciplinary history is often allowed as long as the matter is settled or resolved