No hidden agenda.

No commissions

or kickbacks.

We match you with financial advisors who put your needs first.

Here's an Open Secret

Most financial advisors are not required by law to be "fiduciaries". In other words, they are not required to put your best interests above all else. We think that's insane, which is why we only work with the best.

My Financial Counsel only pairs you with advisors who are legally registered as fiduciaries and follow rigorous standards.

How My Financial Counsel Works


It'll only take 5 minutes of your time and your answers are confidential.


You'll receive a curated list with three financial advisors tailored to match your specific needs.


Get free consultations with advisors of your choice and select a plan that works best for you.

I truly did not understand that there were easy-to-find, hourly project-based financial advisors out there. We were overdue for this kind of check in.


It was my first time talking to a financial planner who was a better fit for me.

If I hadn't secured my investments the way that he advised me to, I know I would have easily lost tens of thousands of dollars based on historical data.


As a busy founder running a company, I was blown away by the advisor they curated for me – a former CPA who not only specializes in tech clients but also has work experience at a startup and understands the investor perspective. Completely exceeded my requirements and expectations.


The advisors at my bank talked about country clubs and buying a 2nd home — we're talking about building our businesses and enjoying our family.

My Financial Counsel helped me discover a whole world of independent advisors who want to work with us and share our values. It was a breath of fresh air to speak to advisors I could relate to.



68% of MFC clients saved on expensive mistakes after a single session (meaning more resources for their businesses and families).


We know your financial decisions come down to a lot more than just how much money you have. MFC's matching process is built on over 20 different data points and hundreds of hours of matching experience. Our rigorous methodology will help you find a zero-commission financial advisor who specializes in the subjects that matter most.


We know you're busy caring for your children or running your business, which is why matching doesn't mean handing you dozens of advisors to call line-by-line. Our custom-tailored process will send you a list of three advisors who are curated to match your needs. Less time, less worry, less stress.


No need to worry about uploading your entire financial history before you talk to someone. Schedule time directly with the advisors you like on their calendar, and ask the advisor any questions you want during your commitment-free call.


Advice is not one-size-fits-all. MFC connects you with advisors who offer monthly, hourly, one-off, and project-based consultation. Whether you're looking to outsource asset management or get DIY advice on one subject, we’ll help you find it.

74% of clients we’ve matched had access to a financial advisor but never moved forward – until they used our service.

How We Can Help

Our network of financial advisors do more than investment management, they help you get organized and prepared for whatever your financial goal may be.


• Retirement Planning

• College Planning

• Marriage Planning

• Early Retirement Planning

• Child Care Planning

• Inheritances


• Investment Selection and Management

• Alternative Investments

• Tax Optimization

• Financial Checkup

• Debt Management

• Real Estate Planning

• Special Needs Planning


• Risk Management

• Emergency Funds Management

• Legacy Planning

• Budget Planning

• Travel / Vacation Planning

• Insurance Planning


• Employee Benefits Planning

• Fundraising

• Crowd-source Lending

• Small Business Planning

• Rental Income Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fiduciary financial advisor?

A fiduciary financial advisor must place the client’s best interest above all else. For example, if there were two identical investments, but the second one paid advisors a commission at the expense of higher transaction costs to the client, a non-fiduciary advisor could recommend the second. In contrast, a fiduciary advisor is legally prohibited from prioritizing their profits in such a way. My Financial Counsel will only match you with independent, fiduciary advisors.

What is a fee-only financial advisor?

Fee-only financial advisors are registered, fiduciary investment advisors who only receive compensation from their client. They have fewer conflicts of interest because do not receive commission for financial products. My Financial Counsel believes fee-only advisors are the true fiduciary advisors in the industry, and as such only matches you with fee-only advisors.

On average, how much will it cost to hire a financial advisor?

The cost of a financial advisor depends greatly on the complexity and number of topics you want to address with the advisor. We have standardized the pricing, so you know what to expect when working with our advisors. For a quick financial tuneup or straightforward advice on 2-3 topics, the cost will be $499 - $799. For a more thorough financial review covering more topics or issues and requiring more nuanced analysis, the cost will be $1199 - $1999 (this is the most common). Finally, for those looking for a comprehensive review covering everything including tax issues, the cost will be $4,499 - $5,999

Do I have to shift my investments / assets to the advisor?
No. That’s the great thing about our network of advisors – they are flexible and will work with your preference. You have the choice of keeping your assets exactly where they are, or opt in for asset management service. Regardless of what you choose, your fiduciary advisor will prioritize your preferences and best interests.
How do I know if a financial advisor is right for me?
You may want a financial advisor if you’re undergoing or planning a big life change, such as having a baby, buying a house, taking care of aging parents, or starting a business. Having a professional build a comprehensive financial plan for you may help you lay future plans if you’re busy or want a professional opinion.
How does My Financial Counsel get paid?
Minimizing conflict of interest is of the utmost importance to us. Unlike many other advisor search platforms, we don’t do profit sharing or fees per lead. Instead, we charge vetted advisors a flat subscription fee to join our network. That allows us to truly focus on helping clients through the search process, without pressuring a match if it’s not the right fit.

High Standards Are Our Standard

We work with members of these top-tier organizations to ensure the highest quality.

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Christine Su, CEO & Founder

Our Story

Before starting My Financial Counsel, I worked at a major commercial bank and fintech startup. Despite my 10 years of experience in the financial sector, I ran into all kinds of challenges when searching for a personal financial advisor who had my best interests at heart.

That's why I created My Financial Counsel — to help people find high-quality advisors who aren't trying to upsell products or live off sales commissions. At MFC, we'll only match you with fiduciary advisors who you can trust, and who will help you achieve your dreams and goals. No hidden agendas necessary.